Day 2 of the Gratitude Challenge

3 things that I’m thankful for today:

1. Paid Stat Holiday! Haha. Until a year ago, I wasn’t getting paid during stat holidays since coming to Canada and that sucked big time. Today, I get to sleep until 10 in the morning, linger on my bed for 2 hours (I looove the feel of the sheets on my legs), and not have a care–well, sort of–in the world. I also got to hang out with my mom, well again, sort of.

2. Suitcase that I borrowed from an absolute darling of a friend. And getting halfway through packing. LOL. hashtag firstworldproblems

3. God working in my life. I was humming a certain song over and over again. I decided to tune into Praise 106.5 and voila, after the song that had been playing, this song that was looping in my head suddenly played. Oh, and my mom was watching this 700 Club show and a family was sharing an ordeal that they had gone through in which God healed their son miraculously. Guess what, the son’s name is Josiah. The word for me yesterday was from the book of Jeremiah, and it had spoken of King Josiah.

Off to sleep now.


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