one early morning, kind of that is

I’m not a morning person. I fail at getting up early. And when I do get up, my brain takes its time to function well. Everyday I run after the bus because I just don’t make it out on time.

There is a park that I walk run by every morning. I take about a microsecond to look at it in awe as I see the sun in the horizon paving its way up while the birds, as if gathering for a not-so-secret meeting, flock together on the ground and the trees, with its leaves falling, as if on its last breath explode with beauty.

A few weeks ago, because of this, I defied myself. Even with a bad cold and a subzero temperature to battle outside, I woke up early (okay, early could be subjective…given that it is almost winter….it may be not-so-early) in the morning, put on my winter clothes and went out.

IMG_6262 IMG_6257



IMG_6236Β  IMG_6287

I think it was worth it.


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