meet Cynthia


There’s something about that smile…

When I first met her two years ago, I have to confess that I was a little scared of her. Haha! No, she doesn’t bite.

I just didn’t know what to talk about with her. It didn’t help that we were both so quiet too.

Cynthia sticking out her tongue

She didn’t know I was taking this.

And then a year later…we became tent-mates.

I learned that she’s actually easy-going, quick to laugh, and could fit inside a sleeping bag without being seen!

She’s really sweet and caring; we don’t see and talk to each other regularly but everytime we do get together I’m glad I could spill my guts out to her and be real with what’s going on in my (mad little) brain.

Sometimes I speak to her in Tagalog without realizing it…I forget that she’s not Filipino. (Oops!)

I certainly appreciate her listening patiently and being honest to me.

I just hope she knows how much of a blessing she is, surely not only to me, but to everyone else around her!



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