ramblings #245

When I was a kid, life was made up of mornings of my favorite cartoons and afternoons of garter games and nights of hide and seek. The biggest challenge was probably figuring out how to turn nap time into playtime instead.

15+ years and a couple of disappointments and heartaches and unexpected turns after, life is nothing but a series of painful events. I can’t believe I’m already worn down like this at age 27 (and to think that other people have heavier burdens than me).

In an attempt to give myself a pep talk I came up with this: I can either live like life will continue torturing me or choose to learn from these, hold on to the dear lessons and celebrate the victories and joys no matter how small they may be.

Unfortunately I can’t find my rose-colored glasses right now.

I wish I could stop questioning myself even for just a second.



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